In spiritual direction we talk about how tears are holy because they signify that which is beyond words. Tears are a sign that the spirit of God is near to our hearts, that something is holy and sacred. This Easter Sunday was a particularly precious one as my oldest made her confession of faith and I had the honor of baptizing her. I cried for the faith that we have carried and passed on, for the choice she has made to grow in God’s love and for the incredible community of pastors, mentors, friends and family that surrounded us.

Knowing that this special day was coming, I was delight to receive a review copy of Glenys Nellist newest book Baptized in the Water: Becoming a Member of God’s Family. I had planned on giving it to my oldest daughter as a baptism gift, but decided instead to give it to her younger sister. You see, the season leading up to my oldest daughter’s baptism has been a season of preparation. She has attended classes and studied her Bible. She has met with a mentor and written a Statement of Faith. We’ve talked about it as a family at dinner and on long walks. But something unexpected happened with all this conversation—little sister kept getting more and more nervous about her baptism. Specifically, if she had to be immersed and whether she could wear her hot pink swimming goggles in the baptistry.

While she has several years before she will be baptized in our tradition, I wanted to set her seven year old mind at ease and Baptized in the Water was the perfect conversation tool to talk to her about all the ways different parts of the Christian tradition baptize. With clear and inclusive writing and bright illustrations, Baptized in the Water is a wonderful book to introduce baptism and talk about it with your young kids. Written for families who practice infant, child or adult baptism, it focuses on God’s welcome of you at your baptism and the joy that comes from being a part of this faith tradition. It incorporates scripture in ways that kids can understand and makes the connect between Jesus’s baptism long ago and our baptisms now.

Baptism for our tradition is one that marks a commitment to grow in your faith life with God. Faith takes nurture and useful tools to cultivate God’s presence and Baptized in the Water is one such tool for families to use.

Thank you to ZonderKidz for the review copy. I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram if you are interested in winning a copy of the book.

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