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Cara Gilger Ministries is committed to providing congregational consulting, freelance marketing and spiritual direction to organizations and individuals that are looking to engage the transformational work of faith.

What I do

At the heart of my ministry is helping others ministries go deeper and become more intentional. God gave each of us gifts and I want to help yours shine.

Spiritual Director

As a certified Spiritual Director I enjoy working with individuals that in discernment or looking to add spiritual direction to their practice.


Need help thinking through an area of minister or leadership? I get to know your ministry and your context in order to help you take the next step.


I write in several different spaces online and in print about ministry, leadership and spiritual formation.


From retreat settings and keynotes to small groups and Bible studies, I enjoy making faith applicable, thoughtful and just uncomfortable enough to grow.


With 15 years experience in spiritual formation for all ages, I love to teach and facilitate conversations around a variety of topics on spiritual formation and congregational leadership.


Preaching at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern challenges, I love making faith come off the page and into real life.

    About Cara

Cara comes with 15 years of writing, editing and ministry experience. With a passion for spiritual formation, writing and speaking I am passionate about growing ministry of depth and substance.


Two times lately I found myself seriously stuck. Stuck once in terms of a personal project I didn’t know how to start, much less finish. Stuck again in managing an aspect of ministry that doesn’t come naturally to me. Cara came to the rescue both times! She has a way of mixing hard truth and warm compassion into a delicious cocktail of practical help. For wrestling big undertakings into manageable goals, as well as identifying the fine grain of interpersonal (and intrapersonal!) complexities, Cara is a trustworthy colleague, consultant, and companion. Next time I’m stuck, she’s my first call.

Rev Katie Hays

Galileo Church, Mansfield, Texas

Latest News

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The Gathered Word Re-Launches in July 

After nine month unintentional hiatus, I am bringing my newsletter This Gathered Word back! The twice a month publication promises reflections on the life of faith and spiritual practices, book recommendations and other resources as we learn how to human compassionately together. 

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