Spiritual Direction

The practice of spiritual direction is a work of the Spirit. Please take a moment to explore what spiritual direction is and who is a good candidate. If spiritual direction seems like something you wish to explore, please fill out the form below.

What is it?

What is Spiritual direction? Spiritual direction is a practice of spiritual accompaniment that prioritizes listening. It is an orientation of wonder and curiosity about what God might be up to in the session and in the life of the directee. Spiritual direction is also a commitment to spiritual practice as a tool for connecting to God. It is also the practice of centering on the Spirit of God between director and directee, a relationship built on time and energy that creates space for God to work. Practically, it is a one hour session roughly once a month, where directee and director spend time reflecting on God’s presence in the directee’s life. 

Fill out the form below to schedule a free 30 minute conversation to learn more about spiritual direction and see if it’s the right fit for where you are in your spiritual journey.  

Who is a good fit?

Spiritual direction is for those in discernment: spiritually or vocationally. Those that want spiritual accompaniment while they ask what God is up to in their lives or those who want to try a new spiritual practice or are seeking a new tool in thier life for listening and discerning are all good candidates for spiritual direction. 

Other Helpful Information

Spiritual direction is a unique tool; it is neither therapy or coaching. Cara has been engaged in the long work of anti-white supremacy work including working with white church spaces and youth. Cara believes that God delights in LGBTQ+ persons just they way they are; no exceptions. 

Cara completed her Spiritual Director’s training through Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. To explore whether spiritual direction is the right spiritual practice or tool for you, fill out the form below to schedule a 30 minute session to learn more.

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