This season clergy, therapist, teachers and community leaders are guiding communities through two major milestones–processing the one year anniversary of Covid’s drastic reshaping of our lives and the thoughtful reflection as to what is next as more and more people become vaccinated. My current congregational work has centered on coming alongside congregations who are thinking about how to teach people to be an in person community again, how to welcome and integrate new members of the community that have connected digitally and how to thoughtfully integrate in person and digital ministries into a sustainable and imaginative third model.


But all of this can feel like a lot when we as leaders haven’t processed our own experience this past year. I’ve been journaling lately and have several questions helpful as I reflect on this past year and think about the year ahead. I am sharing them here in case you want to use them for personal reflection, at the dinner table with family, in a small group setting or as part of a guided reflection.



The three things (stories, facts, objects, moments) from my life that best capture this past year of pandemic are:



In what ways has this year changed you (a place to start might be by thinking about the year’s impact personally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, physically, financially)?



What things about you have managed to stay essentially you in the past year, despite change and challenge?



Of the things that have changed this year for you, what would you like to keep as you transition into a new phase?



What shape has your grief taken this past year?



What practices, relationships or small wonders saved you this past year?



How might you express gratitude for these small wonders?


I would love to hear how and in what context you’ve found these questions helpful, so please reach out or comment with your own experience.



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