Last year I participated in #the100dayproject a challenge for makers and creatives to create for 100 days straight, encouraging exploring new media, honing skills and techniques and building that creative muscle and discipline. You can read about some of my tips and tricks if you like but what I loved the most about it is how my creativity in all aspects shot up in the midst of this project. Painting gave me time to ruminate on writing pieces, my writing became steadier, my current manuscript took shape at the end of #the100dayproject and I am certain that’s a direct benefit of painting a writing for 100 days straight. The discipline of my writing shaped in those 100 days I have been able to maintain a year later. With #the100dayproject having such a positive impact on my creativity and work I decided that I would participate again this year. 

Little did I know a few months ago when I decided to take on #the100dayproject again that this year I would be stuck at home, gratefully running a small business, conducting a research grant, writing a book, homeschooling my kids and managing the morale and food supply chain of a household. I was tempted to pass this year, because I have more than enough on my plate. Most days I am doing well to keep all the plates spinning. 

Then I remember that art and creativity are made for times such as these. 

When things seem uncertain, when our brains and spirits are unsettled, our creativity can carve out space to process, make meaning and heal. 

Just like last year, I get to decide what I do, the pace I go and the scale of my project for the 100 days I participate. So this year I have decided that I am going to hand paint 100 bookmarks to mail to friends and family and giveaway on my Instagram. The project is bookish like me, will give me the chance to spread some joy and not take up too much time as I juggle all the other opportunities and responsibilities I have right now. It also does require spending any money or acquiring any new materials–I have paint and cardstock at home. That’s a win win in my book. 

If you are participating I would love to know what you have planned. Or if you are thinking about it I would love to talk about the different possibilities. 

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