This week our children are on extended Spring Break due to the social distancing recommendation to keep our beloved communities safe. Since we both work from home and juggle the kids on the occasional school holiday we are feeling pretty confident we can keep them engaged with learning and occupied safely and sanely. Instead our concern as a family is centered around our community. Worship has moved to online streaming, in person activities have been cancelled and while we are old semi-pros at this we are worried about those that do not thrive in isolation. Seniors and single adults that may find this time with limited interaction difficult. We want to figure out ways to love our neighbors without spreading germs.

So we have decided that we are going to write letters. 

Old fashion, snail mail, stick a stamp on it letters. We are working on letters (to practice our writing, sentence structure and storytelling) and drawings (fun!) to stick in the mail to some of the older adults in our church, our community and family. We are even including some of our friends with kids that may need the brief entertainment of going to the mailbox and reading a fun or silly letter. I found a few packs of stickers that we can stuff the envelopes with for our fellow families. 

It may seem like a small way to connect, but I figure by the time the mail arrives in a few days people will be experiencing peak loneliness. And who doesn’t love going to the mailbox and finding real mail instead of bills or junk mail?! 

Here are some of the writing prompts and ideas I will be giving my kids:

Write about your weekend.

Draw a picture of your family.

Tell about your favorite thing to do at the park.

What is the one thing you love to pretend?

Draw a picture of you and the letter recipient.

What are your favorite snacks and why?

Draw a picture of your favorite snack 

What is your favorite animal and what facts can you share?

Draw a picture of your favorite animal

Write about your favorite things to do at home

Make a book recommendation to the letter recipient.

We are hoping that through this small little act we can create connection in our community and share our love (with safe social distance). 

Drop some of your ideas for prompts  in the comments so we can share!  

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