Hello dear ones, I have been thinking over the past few weeks about what I can offer in the midst of this moment. At my heart I am a pastor who cares deeply for the souls of people and I am a writer that finds words to be a source of comfort and wisdom in almost every situation. What can I offer that will be a steadying presence to our spirits, yours and mine? I seem so small, and yet, I cannot help but want to do something. 

I prayed about it. And listened. And listened again because I am a little hard of hearing when I am anxious and God is patient enough to stick with me. 

That is how it always works. 

And so my daily offering to this community of people who love books and the written word and are always curious what God is up to in their life and in the world will be simple. I will be here each early morning with a poem and short meditation

Poetry for me has always been a source of grounding and calm, a steady voice of wisdom and insight into the human soul in uncertain moments. I have found when I do not have the words, I can trust the poets and mystics of each time to speak the language of the heart. I trust that if poetry can speak to me in other times, it still has a word now. With it I will offer a brief meditation–reflecting on the poem, a word of encouragement, a good word for the day, and cultivating of sacred curiosity (my best and only tool for awe and wonder and hope). 

I am hoping to provide a steady center for me, for you, for us. A few words in the morning to remind us we are connected and loved. I hope you will join me. 



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